TikTok Star with One Leg Confronts Woman Who Questioned His Disabled Parking Permit

Australian social media influencer and amputee Paniora Nukunuku has gone viral after a woman questioned why he was parked in a handicapped spot at a McDonald’s lot.

Last week on TikTok, Nukunuku, who goes by @pnuks, posted a video in which he alleged an “old lady” came up to his car to see if he actually owned the disabled parking permit seen on his dashboard.

Needless to say, the Internet sensation, who wears a prosthetic leg, did not take the intrusion kindly.

“I have a disability card because I have a fake leg, right. Disabled, makes sense,” he said. “Obviously you can’t see my disability if I’m in the car. So please tell me why this old lady thought it would be a great idea to knock on my window and ask me if [the permit] is mine or not.”

“It’s not your business if we have this card. It is not your business. You are not the disability police,” he continued, adding, “Even if someone doesn’t look old, doesn’t look ‘disabled enough’, if someone has this, you shut your mouth and walk away.”


you are not the “Disability Police” #pnuks #amputee #disabled @mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau #lakemba

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In another video, Nukunuku confronts the alleged woman in question, and visibly shows her his prosthetic.

“Did you not approach me because I wasn’t disabled enough?” he asks.

“I will tell you why,” the woman responds. “I’m asking you because I desperately need it. There have been times… please listen to me.”

However, Nukunuku cuts her off, saying, “I’ve got one leg and you come up to me asking if this card is mine?”

“I did and I have a right to,” the woman says.

“No, you don’t have a right to,” he responds. “If the card is there, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Nukunuku continued, “There is a reason we have the card it’s so this doesn’t happen, so you don’t assume that someone isn’t disabled enough. Don’t ever do that again.”


Reply to @lisacameron56 can we get the camera footage @mcdonaldsau ? #amputee #pnuks #lakemba #boomer #australia

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In a follow-up video, Nukunuku says he asked the McDonald’s chain for the footage of the incident but was reportedly told he had to file a police report.

After he attempted to do so, Australian police reportedly told him “no crime was committed.”

Nukunuku is now asking the Internet to tag McDonald’s Australia in an attempt to get the footage.


Reply to @dianademeijer hey @mcdonaldsau let us see the tapes. #amputee #pnuks #justice #disability #maccas #mcdonalds #mcdonalds

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