Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Spitting on Disney World Guard Over Mask Policy
Orange County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man was arrested and charged with battery after he allegedly spit on a Walt Disney World uniformed security officer who asked him to comply with the resort’s mask policy.

Per an arrest affidavit obtained by People on Wednesday, at around 10 p.m. on February 5, 51-year-old Kelly Dewayne McKin, a guest at Disney’s Contemporary Resort near Orlando, told the guard to “leave him alone.”

The guard reportedly asked McKin to put on his mask again when he allegedly “turned towards her, leaned towards her, and deliberately spit on her, getting several drops of saliva on the left side of her forehead.”

Following the alleged attack, McKin reportedly walked inside the resort and disappeared into an elevator.

The guard, who did not have her radio, left the scene and asked for backup. Though McKin was not found, the officer remembered his long gray beard and mustache.

The following day, an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, who answered a call to issue a trespass warning to a white male on the resort, matched McKin with the description of the previous night’s alleged offender.

After being identified by the guard as well as security footage, McKin was arrested and jailed on a $2,500 bond.

Per jail records, McKin has since been released.

Per the affidavit, McKin allegedly told an official investigating the incident that “he did get into a verbal discussion with [the guard] regarding him not wearing his mask,” but said he agreed to wear his mask once inside and “that was the end of the interaction.”

McKin also “was adamant that he did not spit on her.”

However, the guard “wants to press charges and will testify in court.”

Although Florida never enacted a statewide mask mandate, all guests at Walt Disney World are required to wear an approved face mask at the resort’s four theme parks, as well as at its hotels and Disney Springs.


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