Miami Spring Breaker Allegedly Tries to Dine and Dash! WATCH!

As seen on multiple Instagram accounts, a man allegedly tried to dine and dash at a restaurant in Miami.

Over the weekend, IG user @thevipking_ posted a video shot by @nina_micic that shows a group of spring breakers blocking traffic by dancing in the streets.

However, in the midst of the impromptu celebration, a man wearing a black belt bag is seen in the video being chased by two men in black aprons who appear to be restaurant employees.

Per @thevipking_, the man in the black belt bag was β€œtrying to run out on his bill” until the two employees tackled him to the ground.

Though they try to bring the spring breaker back to the establishment, the alleged thief runs away again. Fortunately, the employees are able to catch him before he flees another time.

The crazy incident was also captured by @regiparty, and was reposted by The Shade Room.

On Saturday, Miami Beach officials declared a state of emergency due to "overwhelming" spring break crowds and imposed an 8 p.m. curfew.

"At the end of the day, all the policing in the world isn't going to stop something terrible from happening if it's going to happen," Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said during a press briefing. "Our city right now in this area has become a tinder, and we cannot have a policy of simply hoping that it's not lit."

In addition to closing a number of vehicular and pedestrian traffic lanes, the city encouraged all businesses in the "high-impact zone" to close during this period and urged hotel guests to stay off the streets after 8 p.m.

Sunday on Twitter, the Miami Beach Police Department announced they have made over 50 arrests and confiscated eight firearms since Friday.


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