Angela Bassett Got the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Angela Bassett is “joining the herd”!

Tuesday on Instagram, the iconic actress shared a video of herself getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the clip, the “9-1-1” star, wearing a colorful face mask, gets injected by a medical professional wearing personal protective equipment.

“Hey Everybody you good? I am well, and plan on staying well! So happy to get shot #1! Please run, don’t walk, and get yours too! #covidvacccine #protectyourself#protectothers,” she captioned the video.

Bassett has openly discussed her plans to get vaccinated, telling Essence in January, “I think I’ve seen enough individuals who haven’t fallen out. Our president — our incoming president — in a couple of days. It’s nice to see.”

While speaking to the publication, the 62-year-old said she understood why vaccines were first being distributed to health care employees and those at high risk.

“It’s not our time yet,” she said about the acting community. “We’ll see what happens. They’ll get it to those in need and those most exposed and those who need it most urgently.”

She also revealed what it was like to play a first responder — LAPD patrol sergeant Athena Carter Grant Nash — amid the realities of the coronavirus pandemic.

With regard to the characters wearing face masks on duty, Bassett said, “First responders, we would wear them. We would be cognizant and careful in how we handle ourself.

“But we take the opportunity to take them off. If you’re home and, you know, in your bubble with your family, you would have them off. I don’t wear them around the house here,” she added. “So we bring that into the storyline and of course, as the actors, we’re being very safe.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of Tuesday afternoon, around 164,300,795 total vaccines have been delivered and around 128,217,029 total vaccines have been administered in the United States.


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