Social Media Rallies Around Black Bakery Employee Racially Attacked by ‘Bagel Karen’

A Black bakery employee who was called the N-word by a white female customer is receiving support from social media users all across the globe.

In a video shot by Instagram user @reallycutekid and posted by TMZ, a white female customer reportedly identified as Stephanie Denaro gets into an exchange with Davidovich Bakery employee Victor Kamara, presumably over her not wearing a mask.

Another woman in the video says Denaro is refusing to wear a facial covering due to “medical problems” and tells Kamara, who has worked at the job for around two months, that he does not have to serve her.

Based on their argument, Kamara also appears to accuse Denaro of looking at him in a certain way. Denaro — dubbed “Bagel Karen” by social media users — denies this, claiming he is unable to identify her facial expressions because she is wearing sunglasses.

When the woman tells Denaro that Kamara is not going to serve her and that she needs to leave, Denaro then calls Kamara a “----- --- ------.”

“That’s what he is! That’s what he is,” Denaro said. “I just said it. You heard it.”

The woman then threatens to call the cops.

Per TMZ, Denaro — who reportedly shares children with a Black man — left the scene shortly afterward.

The outlet says NYPD is investigating the situation, though sources say police do not typically make arrests for harassment complaints unless they occur in front of an officer.

Either way, TMZ says Denaro has been banned from both the bakery and all of Essex Market in the Lower East Side.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Kamara is receiving both emotional and financial support from social media users all over the world.

During his Wednesday shift, Kamara received a $100 bill and a $100 Metro card from two different customers. Another gave him a bundle of sage to clear out the negative energy brought on by Denaro.

People have also been calling the bakery to ask for Kamara’s Venmo.

Though Kamara has been offered representation by several attorneys, TMZ says he is still weighing his legal options. However, they report that he does not plan to press charges against Denaro.

At the end of the day, Kamara wants to teach the world that you can always respond to hate with love.


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