L.A. Driver Points Loaded Gun at Rush-Hour Traffic

A female driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at other cars as she was trying to merge into a busy Los Angeles intersection.

In a shocking video posted by TMZ on Wednesday, a woman in a white car appears to be held up at a stop sign at Fairfax Avenue and Olympic Boulevard.

However, due to traffic, the woman is unable to make her turn.

That’s when she takes out a handgun, loads it, and points the firearm at other vehicles.

“Anybody wanna die now? Anybody?” she screams.

The woman then unloads a round through her sunroof.

Later in the clip, the woman yells, “The cow jumped over the moon. I’m gonna kill somebody in the street. The cow jumped over the moon.”

Though a cop car was seen traveling toward the scene, they did not make contact with the woman, who eventually made a left turn in the cop car’s direction.

TMZ says authorities eventually caught up to her and were able to detain her without incident.

Law enforcement sources say officials arrested her for felony negligent discharge of a firearm and allege she fired as many as five shots.

The outlet reports she told cops that she is Dr. Dre’s daughter, but there does not appear to be evidence that supports her claim.


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