Did Usher Pay Dancers with Fake Money??

The Internet is going crazy over a claim that Usher paid dancers at a strip club with fake money!

The controversy began when Instagram account @beel0ove posted a picture of the bogus bills — $100, $20, and $1 bills with the singer’s face in the center — and asked the question, “Ladies what would you do if you dance all night for Usher and he threw this??”

“& the money does not have a trade in value what so ever! LMAO don’t y’all think he should be blasted on social media for this ----” the social media user wrote.

Immediately after @beel0ove’s IG Stories went viral, the Twitterverse began cranking out jokes!

“Gonna pay for those Bad Bunny concert tickets with that Usher money,” wrote one Twitter user.

“’the DUUDE got us with fake bills again.’ - the dancers who received usher bucks,” another added.

“Just FYI we do not accept bills over 20 usher bucks,” wrote Burger Boy, a burger restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.

However, on Monday, a source for Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club, where the party took place, said the musician did NOT tip the dancers — or the staff — with fake money.

The insider said Usher spent thousands of real dollars on the dancers, as well as on bottle service.

As to what happened, a source close to the star said somebody in Usher’s crew left the bills as a tongue-in-cheek way to promote his new Sin City residence.

An insider stressed to TMZ that Usher did tip the girls and that the “Usher bucks” were not used as a form of payment.

@beel0ove also later told commenters on her Instagram that she simply asked a question and “y’all ran with it.”

“no one ever said this was the ONLY money he threw,” she said in response to a comment.

Usher previously showed off his fake currency earlier this month on Instagram, when he posed with a clear suitcase full of it.

Case closed, y’all!


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