Our Jeannie Reveals the Symbolic Details Behind Her Wedding to Jeezy!

Introducing… Jeannie Mai Jenkins!!

On Tuesday’s episode, our very own Jeannie spilled the tea about her beautiful March 27 Atlanta wedding to Jeezy and revealed that she recently signed her new name for the very first time.

“So today, actually with my EP Rachel, I officially signed my name for the first time with Jenkins to it, so that we can put it into the show credit that you see today. That was first time I’ve ever signed it in its official way, so I’m so proud to finally be Mrs. Jenkins!” our lovely co-host dished.

Our girl also clarified that “Jeannie Mai Jenkins” is now her full name.

During Girl Chat, Jeannie dished about the inspiration behind her Galia Lahav wedding dress — a collaboration between her, her stylist Lisa Cera, and the brand’s atelier.

“This dress I envisioned right when Jeezy proposed. I knew that I wanted something very effervescent and nude. I did not want to wear white, because we all know that white symbolizes purity, and that ship has sailed!” she joked.

“I knew I wanted nude because the color, it represents how skin deep I want to be with Jay. It’s a color that represents how transparent we are with each other.”

Jeannie also revealed the symbolic details regarding her wedding ceremony — which was attended by immediate family and a few close friends.

“We chose palm leaves, which is very popular in Vietnam. They represent power and eternal life. And then the Italian ruscus, on the other side of it, represent humility, which is obviously before God. We wanted peace, eternal life, and humility there,” she explained.

Additionally, Jeannie noted that her and Jeezy’s wedding rings were anything but traditional.

“I personally love the engagement ring that Jay designed for me. I couldn’t imagine stacking something to that, so I did pinky rings, one for him and one for me on my fingers.”

On April 1, Vogue broke the news that Jeannie and Jeezy tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their Atlanta home — just one year after their engagement.

As reported by the magazine, after each family member proceeded down the aisle, Jeezy’s father laid a single pink rose on a seat reserved for Jeezy’s late mother, Sharon Denise Jenkins.

After Jeannie and Jeezy made their way down, Jeannie’s brother put his own twist on a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony.

“He led Jeezy and I in a ritual performed at Vietnamese weddings,” Jeannie told Vogue. “In this ceremony, we honored our parents by pouring tea as a gesture to welcome Jeezy into my family, and me into his. Then we paid our respects to our parents and ancestors by bowing four times, each one symbolizing a significant gift in the life that they have provided us with.”

The night also featured a surprise performance from Tyrese, who serenaded the couple for their first dance to “Sweet Lady.”

Not to be outdone, Jeannie’s mother Mama Mai kicked off the after-party with a special performance of her own.

Jeannie and Jeezy met on our show when he was a guest, and the two began dating years later.

Congratulations to the newlyweds on their magical night!


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