Chet Hanks’ Ex Sues Him for $1M, Alleging Abuse

Chet Hanks’ ex-girlfriend is suing him for $1 million, alleging physical abuse.

Per a civil lawsuit obtained by People and TMZ, Kiara Parker filed legal paperwork on Tuesday in Texas against the son of Tom Hanks for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress for alleged incidents between October 2020 and January 2021.

In one alleged October 2020 incident in New Orleans, Parker claims Hanks grabbed her by the wrists and arms and pushed her around after she told him she was leaving their hotel room.

Parker also alleges that Hanks threatened to kill her in a murder-suicide last November while her twins were inside his Sugar Land, Texas, home.

Parker’s lawsuit comes a month after Hanks sued her, alleging theft, assault, conversion, and battery.

In response to Parker’s suit, Hanks’ lawyer told TMZ, “We consider the claims filed by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown. The lawsuit filed by Ms. Parker is in response to the lawsuit filed by Chet Hanks against Ms. Parker on March 4, 2021.”

Last month, TMZ posted a video dated January 8, 2021, in which Parker appears to swipe at him as she holds a pot.

Later in the video, a bloodied Hanks claims Parker charged at him with a knife, a claim Parker has denied.

After the incident, Parker got a restraining order against Hanks later that month.

In his March 4 lawsuit against Parker, which references the January 8 incident, Hanks says he broke things off with Parker after learning she allegedly stole money and property.

Hanks also claims that on that day in January, Parker later showed up with three men, one of whom allegedly flashed a gun at him.

In regards to the January 8 event, Parker says she came to Hanks’ place to grab her belongings when Hanks antagonized her and allegedly grabbed a knife in a menacing way. She says she grabbed a pot in self-defense and swung it.

She also claims that after he allegedly chased her outside, she attacked him until others came to her aid.


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