Sherri Shepherd Flaunts 20-Lb. Weight Loss!

One thing’s for sure — Sherri Shepherd is living her best life!

Last week on Instagram, the “Call Your Mother” star revealed she lost 20 lbs. — 5 more than her goal of 15!

While posting a video where she dances to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, the former co-host of “The View” said she partnered with HealthyWage (also known as HealthyWager) — a weight-loss bet that uses money as motivation for people struggling to reach a healthy weight.

“I lost 20lbs!!!! Hit me @brunomars,” she wrote, adding, “I partnered up with @healthywage to get #healthy ... my goal was 15lbs but I just hit 20lbs!”

In her message, the actress opened up about her weight-loss journey and how her transformation was both physical and mental.

“It’s been a journal of mental self talk... believing in my worth... knowing my son Jeffrey needs his Momma healthy & whole and wanting to live a life filled w joy,” she wrote.

“I’ve shed tears because I relied on sugar & carbs (the bad ones), cookies & candy to get me through but In changing my lifestyle and my relationship to food, I love the way I feel. Clear headed... more clarity, focused & walking in my purpose!”

After Shepherd’s video went viral, a number of her famous friends wrote messages of support in the comments section!

“Yes Beautiful!!!” wrote Beverly Johnson.

“Ayyyyye!” commented Jake Smollett.

Shepherd, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2007 and has been prescribed medication Metformin, has been vocal about making changes to her diet.

After beginning a sugar-free keto diet in March 2018, Shepherd said her diabetes has since improved.

“The doctor excitedly said ‘OHMYGOD what did you do?'" Shepherd wrote in a May 2019 Instagram post. “You’re not even prediabetic!'”

You go, girl!


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