Jeannie’s Birthday! Plus, Justin Baldoni!

We are turning all the way up this Friday, because it’s Jeannie’s birthday! Looking gorgeous as usual, the ladies celebrate Jeannie’s special day, and the surprises are on fleek! We’ve got a life-sized surprise for her! Tune in Monday to find out what it is!  

Next, the day just gets better and better because “Jane the Virgin” co-star Justin Baldoni stops by! He’s opening up about his craziest fan experience, and how fatherhood has changed him for the better. 

During Girlpowered, we meet Chanel Martin and Candace Mitchell of Myavana. These college friends created a science-based system to measure the condition of hair and match the results with recommended products. #Winning!

Then, the hosts put their audience to the test to see whose music hits the right note during Drop the Mic.

Plus, we’re showing you how easy it is to make a change in your waistline by calling the Hunger Hotline. Tune in tomorrow, because we’re showing you healthy alternatives to your favorite treats!