Friday, September 06

Get Paid For Your Bad Day!

They say no good deed goes unpunished, can you relate? Got a flat tire while trying to help out a friend? Planned the BEST DAY EVER that turned into the WORST DAY POSSIBLE? Spilled your morning coffee all over your shirt? Tell us your story for a chance to $100!

Thursday, January 04

Call Our Hotline Bling to Video Chat with the Ladies of 'The Real'!

We are calling fans all month, and you could be next! What would you like to talk about? Why do you want the Ladies of the Real to give you a call? Do you have a special someone you want to shout out? Send us your information, and keep your phone close by — we could be calling you soon! Please include if you have a iPhone, because we will then be FaceTiming you, or if you have an android, we'll need to contact you using WhatsApp.

Thursday, January 04

Be a part of Girl Chat!

Have you always wanted to be a part of Girl Chat? Do you have a topic you'd love the hosts to discuss during Girl Chat? Do you want "The Real" ladies' advice on an issue close to your heart? If you want to be featured in Girl Chat, submit for a chance to be considered!

Thursday, January 04

Rate the Shade

Do you have a shady situation you want the ladies of "The Real" to weigh in on? Is there someone in your life that has no filter? Did your friend or family try to throw you some shade on the low? Is there a situation in your life where you weren't sure if you should be offended? If you'd like the hosts to RATE THE SHADE and give you their take, write in and tell us your story!

Thursday, January 04

Ask Your Really Random Questions!

Do you have a random question you'd love to ask the ladies of "The Real"? Is there something you're super curious to know about the hosts or something you've seen on the show? Whatever it is you want to know, now is your time to ask!

Thursday, January 04

Are You One Of Our Host's Biggest Fans?

We're looking for "The Real" superfans! Are you Tamera's biggest fan? Do you love Loni? Would you do anything to meet Jeannie or Adrienne? If you - or someone you know - is a super fan of one of our hosts, tell us who and why for a chance to be featured on the show!