January 23, 2020 

Statement in Response to Inquiry 

The below statement from Mr. Simmons Representative and direct quote from Mr. Simmons 

“If defending himself against terrible accusations is considered intimidation then there would be no justice. Witnesses and family members were intimidated, for expressing their views against these allegations. The film narrative has been rejected by several media outlets because of fatal inaccuracies, omissions and contradictions from written accounts and sworn testimony which support our client Russell Simmons consistent statements regarding the accusations against him. 

Ms. Perkins-Washington, principal publicist on behalf of Russell Simmons 
Russell Simmons Direct Statement 

“I have issued countless detailed denials of the false accusations against me, including pages of sworn witness testimony including family members, clergy, journalists and mutual friends who were present at every stage. These denials have been validated by my passing 9 prosecution- grade lie detector tests. I have also provided sworn statements and pointed out fatal flaws and inconsistencies in written accounts, some published in their own books, to reputable media organizations which have acted responsibly. 
I have admitted to being a massively unconscious “playboy” which today is appropriately titled “womanizer”. Continuing to live my life honorably as an open book for decades, devoid of any kind of violence against anyone, as has been documented and examined in detail worldwide since the very early days of hip hop, which is my life’s testimony and work. What I won’t do is engage in a shoot-out of attacks and counter-attacks. The social change from today’s activism is more important to the world my daughters will inherit than any dirt from false accusations from nearly 40 years ago 

My life as an entrepreneur, yogi and fighter for new and diverse voices, as well as the faith placed in my work by millions around the world, has been a force for good and will continue to be as long as I’m able to serve the communities I love and cherish.”