Amber Ruffin Partners with Hologic to Share Her Experience with Uterine Fibroids

On behalf of herself and other Black women who have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, Amber Ruffin is demanding equality in the health care system.

On today’s episode of “The Real,” the host of “The Amber Ruffin Show” bravely opened up about her experience with fibroids, benign uterine tumors, and the disparities that Black women are facing while seeking medical help.

While 8 in 10 Black women will suffer from uterine fibroids at some point in their life1, they typically wait four years before seeking treatment2. Once they do, however, many women feel they are not receiving the culturally competent care they deserve from the physicians who are treating them.

Though the comedian says having a hysterectomy was the right choice for her personally, women of color need to know all their options, including less invasive procedures that may be more in line with their health goals.

Overall, Ruffin urges women to evaluate their periods as a vital sign of their health, just like your pulse. Prior to her diagnosis, she noticed that her periods became significantly heavier and more painful than normal and began disrupting her everyday life. From her experience, Ruffin advises women to listen to their bodies and to not ignore these important signs.

Additionally, Ruffin believes all doctors need to have a baseline understanding of uterine fibroids, and how they affect women of color. Noting that it is unfair to place the burden on the patient, all women should be able to go to their doctor, regardless of their race, and be treated appropriately.

“I believe that we have entered a new era of healthcare where people are more in-tune with their needs, and disparities in care have taken center stage in this health landscape. People have had enough. There is no reason why these massive gaps in care still exist.” – Amber Ruffin

For more information, visit unmutingfibroids.com.

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