‘The Real’ Teams Up with eero to Give Safe, Fast Wi-Fi for Thanksgiving!

Just what you need for the holidays: Wi-Fi that works!

“The Real” is teaming up with eero to give you, our Real Fam, their award-winning mesh Wi-Fi system, which supports fast wifi speeds throughout the home in a reliable and secure manner. With world-class network security and the optional eero Secure+ plan, eero helps keep your network and online activities safe and secure, meaning Wi-Fi you can count on! Not only does eero TrueMesh adapt to your usage, eero blankets your home with a great Wi-Fi connection!

In fact, on today’s episode, one of our deserving Real fam members won an Amazon eero bundle — including an eero 6 3-pack, an Alexa Show 8 device, Echo Dot Smart Speaker, and an eero Secure+ subscription for a year — just in time for Thanksgiving!

For more information, head over to eero.com!

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