Get the ultimate moisture with My Black is Beautiful Hair Care!

Don’t forget: Self-care IS health care!

On today’s episode of “The Real,” we had the pleasure of partnering with My Black Is Beautiful, a beauty brand launched in 2006 that has celebrated, promoted, and redefined what it means to be Black!

Joined by part-time beauty vlogger Susan Berhane, the healthcare spokesperson discussed the love she has for her hair, which is naturally coiled with normal porosity. In fact, Susan loves to switch up her hairstyle every four to six weeks, and will opt for twist outs, braids, or the occasional blowout, full of curls or body. Though Susan doesn’t personally like to put a lot of products in her hair, she moisturizes with the Tangle Slayer.

Remember Real Fam, all Black women — no matter how busy their schedules are — can enjoy a much-deserved beauty break! So whether you’re using My Black Is Beautiful’s Fortifying Conditioner, Tangle Slayer, or their popular Curl Cream, you too can love your luscious locks!

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