“The Real” is proud to join forces with WW, to spread the word about WW’s New PersonalPoints™ Program, their first-ever program designed uniquely for you – allowing you to eat the foods you love and get the results you crave!

WW Partner and Chef Millie Peartree recently joined “The Real” to share more about WW’s all-new program, and a couple delicious dishes you can enjoy on the new program – where no foods are off limits! You can get Chef Millie’s Air-fried Chicken Milanese and Blueberry Coffee Cake with Walnut Crumble at WW.com/thereal, where you can also sign up today and try the New WW PersonalPoints™ Program for 30 days for FREE.* 


When you sign up for the new program you take a quiz in the WW app, share your goals and the foods you love, and get your very own personalized plan built 100% for you. Not only will you receive your own PersonalPoints™ Budget, you’ll get an individualized list of ZeroPoint™ foods, your go-to list of healthy choices that you can frequently and consistently lean on without measuring or tracking. With the new program, there are over 100 new ZeroPoint™ food choices to enjoy, like avocados, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, potatoes and more!^


In fact, you never have to worry about going hungry, because there are no off-limit foods in the New WW PersonalPoints™ Program! Plus, you can add points for healthy habits like eating veggies, drinking water, and staying active.


WW knows that no two people are alike, so no two weight loss plans should be either. So you can still live the life you love AND lose the weight you want!


Try WW’s most personalized program yet. Sign up today at WW.com/thereal to try the New WW PersonalPoints™ Program for 30 days for FREE!* 

*After your free trial ends, you'll automatically be signed up at the standard monthly rate unless you cancel.
^ZeroPoint™ foods will vary based on your personal plan.

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