Friday, July 12


Let’s get this Loni bday party started with a look back at some of our favorite moments! Be sure to drop some extra LOVE in the comments, and let us know which Loni moments had you 😂!

Monday, October 31

Tales from the Lot

Watch the hosts as they go behind the scenes at the Warner Bros. lot for a haunted tour with spiritual medium Chip Coffey.

Beauty Monday, August 22

60 Minutes to Glam, Behind the Scenes

“The Real” glam squad gave Inekka the makeover of a lifetime in less than 60 seconds! The results were WOW from head to toe, and the glam squad shares how they achieved the look, in this clip.

Real Talk Monday, May 16

Behind ‘The Real’ Scenes: Pinterest Wars

We know how much our viewers love all the games, demos, cooking and lifestyle segments we have on the show. But what you may not know is, before every one of those segments, our producers test the information to see if it really works, and let’s just say that sometimes things can get a little crazy! Take a look at two of our producers testing a project for our Pinterest Wars Final Battle!