Friday, February 26

Patti LaBelle's Dining Advice Has Us Talking About Proper Dining Etiquette

When it comes to the holidays, we all usually get excited about two things: food and gifts! But what happens when you’ve been invited to Christmas dinner and the food just isn’t good? Also do parents really know best? We weigh in on whether parents should be allowed to tell people what to buy for their kids.

Health Tuesday, January 05

31 Days of No Alcohol; Are We Too Tough

Would you be up for forgoing alcohol for a month? Find out which one of us is saying goodbye to our favorite cocktails. Plus, we open up about the areas where we tend to be hardest on ourselves after Chris Rock admitted to being too tough on himself and seeking therapy.

Wednesday, November 18

Part Two: Meet Tyra Banks' Pandemic Baby: SMiZE Cream

Tyra Banks’ dream of owning an ice cream company came true during the pandemic. The supermodel and “Dancing with the Stars” host reveals the motivation behind SMiZE Cream and opens up about the pressures of balancing work and home.