Real Talk Tuesday, April 06


How well do you know us? In READY, SET, BET our Real fam chooses which hosts will be able to find an item in their home within 20 seconds. The prize? Cold, hard cash!

Real Talk Monday, April 05

Real or Rumor

The rumors we have all heard them. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is true or what's just some fancy made-up fantasy. This is Real or Rumor.

Real Talk Thursday, April 01

Decide This Dilemma

We're faced with dilemmas every day, whether they're big or small, a decision has to be made! We love hearing what our Real Fam would do in these sticky situations. This is Decide This Dilemma!

Real Talk Wednesday, March 31

We Said What?!

We know our Real Fam! You guys are ride or die. Some of you wouldn't dare to miss an episode and we thank you for that. You guys watch every day and notice everything. So today we are putting you to the test. This is We Said What?!

Real Talk Tuesday, March 30

Spring Bling

We know that people think of spring cleaning this time of year. We're pausing that to bring in some glitz and glamour. We are giving one lucky Real Fam member a chance to win big. This is... Spring Bling!

Fashion Monday, March 29

In The Clutch

There is no doubt about it, we love our Real Fam! You guys don't miss a beat. We're going to put that to the test today to find out if you were really paying attention. This is In the Clutch!