Thursday, January 07

Expecting More from a Friend; Shaming the Mommy Shamers

We dive into Jay-Z and Kanye West’s alleged problematic friendship, and it leaves us wondering whether we sometimes expect too much from friends. Plus, mommy shamers are put on blast after attacking Chrissy Teigen’s parenting style.

Saturday, December 26

Parenting 101 From Garcelle

From sex and step parents to a mother's right to only have on child, our resident mama has dished out some of the best advice.

Real Talk Wednesday, December 23

Garcelle's Word for 2020 Will Leave You Speechless

Merriam-Webster has announced their word for 2020, but Garcelle identifies with a slightly different one. Plus, we dive into the dangers of mom-shaming, pandemic pressures, and the casting of a film that sparked serious controversy.