Friday, October 18

Friday on 'The Real': Gary Owen, Pam Grier

Gary Owen joins us and Pam Grier stops by. Plus, we share factors that can make your weight fluctuate from day to day — and even hour to hour — in “Scale Yeah.”

Tuesday, January 03

Shoutrageous with Pam Grier

Actress Pam Grier joins “The Real” ladies for a hilarious game of Shoutrageous! Tune in for the fun and download the app from iTunes here:

Real Talk Tuesday, January 03

Pam Grier Owns Her Sexuality!

Tuesday on "The Real," Pam Grier is in the house and she's weighing in on owning her sexuality. Watch this clip, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for more!

Tuesday, January 03

Get the 411 on Brown Sugar Movies!

Want more info on the new streaming service built around black movies? Pam Grier stopped by “The Real” today to tell us all about her Brown Sugar streaming service, where you can access a large library of African-American films for a monthly fee.

Tuesday, January 03

Tuesday on 'The Real': Pam Grier Keeps It REAL

This Tuesday, you're in for a REAL treat, because actress Pam Grier is here! She's in the house giving us the deets on her new Brown Sugar streaming service. Plus, she joins "The Real" ladies for a hilarious game of Shoutrageous!