The Hosts Of The Real Put Those Rumors Down

Another day, another #GirlChat in which the ladies of “The Real” keep it 100!

While on the topic of media outlets publishing salacious, false headlines, the hosts of “The Real” reflected on a recent incident in which they were on the receiving end of an untrue story being published.

Jeannie Mai explained how the entire situation “hurt” her, saying, “But one that actually hurt me is one that I read about us – that we were feuding, and that we were walking off set because of our salaries. And let me tell you – what I love about our unit is that the second we heard that, we immediately got on the chain and called each other. [To Tamera Mowry-Housley] I left you voicemails, and our video messages – because it was so important for us to make eye contact and be like, “You good? Are you okay? This is cool, right?”

Attempting to explain to viewers how such falsehoods can take a toll on a group of friends and colleagues in the public eye, the ladies inadvertently created another untrue headline.

Adrienne Houghton: [To Tamera] “I’m like, wait, I was in your room yesterday doing some things that are very friendly! [To the audience] No! Oh no! Not like that!”

["The Real" audience laughs and applauds]

Adrienne: “No, no, no! No, no, no! Not like that! No! [To Tamera] Remember? Spanx?”

Tamera: “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes.”

Jeannie: “Smile! Smile! We’re live! Smile!”

Adrienne: “Guys! Not that friendly!”

Loni Love: “You just gave OK Magazine another headline!”

The ladies promised viewers and fans at home that any such news would come directly from them, with Loni saying, “The one thing is that we all have an ability to do interviews. If you’ve ever seen an interview from me, I tell the truth. I tell what’s on my mind, sometimes I tell the truth too much, okay? 'Cause if it’s coming from me or one of these ladies, it’ll be coming from us!”

Jeannie: “That’s right!”

That’s the tea on that! Do you tend to believe all the entertainment gossip you read, fam? Let us know!

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