#ad ‘The Real’ and Hallmark Mahogany Celebrate Actress and Producer Malinda Williams!

#ad It’s time to give props to Malinda Williams! On today’s episode, we honored the actress and producer, who is best known for playing Tracy “Bird” Van Adams in the television drama series “Soul Food.” Additionally, she has appeared on TV shows such as “Sister, Sister,” “Miami Vice,” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and films such as “Accidental Love” and “Girlfriends’ Getaway” alongside our very own Garcelle Beauvais! In honor of Black History Month, Hallmark Mahogany is not only highlighting inspiring Black women like Malinda, but they are also giving away 1 million greeting cards that you can gift to your friends, family, and colleagues! Visit Hallmark.com/ShowLoveMahogany to request your three-card pack. Also visit Mahogany.com, an online sister circle founded by Mahogany, to read heartfelt stories aimed at supporting and connecting the Black community.

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