Adrienne and Mo'Nique Make Peace in An Honest Conversation

Mo’Nique paid a visit to the hosts of “The Real” on Thursday, and all of the ladies kept it REAL 100!

After touching on the upcoming Oscars and Mo’Nique’s Las Vegas residency, the conversation shifted to a brief beef between Mo’Nique and Adrienne Houghton.

Mo’Nique recalled the situation, saying, “I know some time ago when I was watching the show, and you said... when I did the piece at The Apollo… and you said, 'Just because you’re loud, doesn’t make you right.' And everyone said, ‘Mo’Nique, you going to get Adrienne? Because she threw shade!’ And I said, ‘Listen, Adrienne is a baby. And she’s not had enough life experience to understand the statement that she’s making.’ I understand it. That’s why I couldn’t throw shade.”

Adrienne’s response was spot on when she shared that she loves a woman who stands by her word, and women who have the ability to have a CONVERSATION, saying, “What I love is that we, we’re actually having the conversation. And I think the ‘loud’ thing and the ‘right’ thing actually wasn’t targeted towards you. It was targeted in general to people who say, ‘You’re keeping it real, right?’ And my thing was… which I stand by, and I love what you said right now, that if you say something, you should stand by what you say. And that’s what a show like this is about.”

Mo’Nique added, “I’m unapologetic for it. But what happens is, we often times will judge a dynamic, and we don’t know what we’re judging. And when we don’t have the conversations about it, we just walk away with these opinions, and oftentimes your opinion is misguided.”

Adrienne’s co-host Loni Love chimed in, “This is 'The Real.' We know that there’ve been issues. There have been so-called issues between me and you (to Mo’Nique), you and her (to Adrienne), but we are so real on this show that we allow our sister to come on because she has a show. She has a residency. She needs to promote it, and we talk about it.”

Adrienne ended the discussion with, “And I heard loud and… like when you tweeted me. I read that and was like, I get that, like, her experience is nothing like what I’m sure my experience has been. But what I love about it is that it starts a conversation. And I don’t think you should roll over and let anybody do anything they want to you."

Mo’Nique echoed, "There’s no shade. There’s no spilling tea. We're too grown for that."

Props to both women coming together to discuss a rift, and for acknowledging that we as individuals are entitled to opinions, and are allowed to stand by them, all while being cordial and respectful to those around you.

Real fam, has there ever been a time when you had to have a fully honest conversation with someone to move forward in life? Let us know.

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