Loni Thinks She Knows About The Kind Of "Dangerous" Man Jeannie Likes!

Jeannie Mai was put on the SPOT on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real,” after admitting she liked a “look of danger” in a man.

Yes, you read that right!

Explaining her ideal physical looks in a man, Jeannie said, “I like a look of danger in a man. Just a... a little bit, like… I like a little thug in his mug, you know what I’m saying? Just a little! And then when that face…”

But then Loni Love jumped in with, “Is that why you like black rappers?”

["The Real" audience applauded]

“Okay. No! Don’t! Don’t clap!” Jeannie instructed the audience!

On a roll, Loni kept up the hilarious commentary, adding, “I like a little thug in him, a little Jigeezy…” after Jeannie admitted to “talking to” rapper Jeezyearlier this week.

Jeannie then called upon co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley for some backup! “Oh my god! No, okay. Tam!”

“What, I can’t help you!” Tamera responded!

Girl Chat was a little too much fun! Real fam, are you into this “dangerous” look Jeannie explained? Let us know!

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