Mona Scott-Young: Reality Shows Aren't Scripted and Stars Need to Own Up To Their Actions

We all love us some good reality TV, but how much of what we see on our screens each week is REAL?

Well, fam, Mona Scott-Young, Executive Producer of the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, stopped by “The Real” on Wednesday, and the hosts asked her about reality stars blaming production for how they’re depicted.

Young, who helped develop each of the widely known “Love and Hip Hop” brands, couldn’t disagree more regarding reality stars putting the blame on editing for their not-so-fine moments, saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have someone that we could just say, 'They made me do it?'”

True that!

She continued, “We all do things every day that, when we think about it, we’re not proud of, we don’t love – wouldn’t it be convenient if we had somebody we could point to and say it was all their fault?"

Mona added, "But, I mean, listen, I always say, it’s not a magic box, right? That camera? We all do things that we look back at and we wish we had handled differently, and maybe not have done or said that, and it’s easy to point the finger and blame producers for that. But these guys know – none of it is scripted, it’s all them.”

The successful producer and entrepreneur ended the topic by giving a bit of advice to reality stars out there: “Own up to it!”

You heard that, fam! Do you think reality television figures should take ownership of the moments they aren’t proud of? Let us know!

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